Swimming with the Dolphins has been a very positive experience for Ben. He loves the socializing and the friendships that evolve from being a member of this club.

Ben said, "I love to see and talk to my friends. I have learned so many different strokes like back crawl, front crawl and butterfly, and I am doing great at the flip turn. The competitions are the best! I love to see how fast I can swim! The banquet at the end is awesome!" Ben enjoys the regular exercise and has become a much stronger swimmer since joining the Dolphins. The techniques taught, the high expectations, and the connection made with the Dolphins coaches has provided Ben the opportunity to grow.

He was also a member of the St. Francis High School Swim team for the past two years. He describes that experience as, "The Dolphins training helped me to go fast and to hang out with my St. Francis team." When Ben is not swimming, he loves playing hockey, mini sticks, play station, listening to music and watching TV and movies. Most of all he loves hanging out with his friends at school!