Adam R.

Adam started with the Dolphins in 2018. Adam has been going for swimming for many years. When He turned 13 years old He was enrolled with Dolphins Club. He loves it! He started as beginner and within few months he moved to another level. He likes being around his coaches and his peers. He is still learning. Some challenges on the way but he is getting there!

Adam has transition issue, when he does not get in to the water, he needs a push from his Mom ahhaa! Social interaction is not his strength. But I noticed slow changes.

Beside swimming, Adam loves biking with Junior Adaptive Cycling @ MRU. He enjoys music, he makes up his own lyrics! He loves dancing. He loves taking pictures and video of anything around him. Dinosaurs are his everyday topics!!!! Print them when he has a chance, cut them and glue them…..many albums! He knows them by names almost all!

Adam is a good speller! Watches all his movies with subtitle on! He is very funny and he is a real joy to be around him!