​​Calgary Dolphins Swim Club

"Our words" is a page for parents and swimmers to express their experiences while being part of The Calgary Dolphins Swim Club.

 “I cannot express how grateful we are that our daughter has learned to swim! We have struggled for years with the typical swimming lessons that never really amounted to any progress.  During our first practice at dolphins, I literally cried as I watched not only everyone swimming so well, but they were also swimming length after length after length! It was amazing! The coaches did not lower their expectations, but encouraged and expected each swimmer to do their best! It was a wonderful experience and my daughter can swim so much better and is motivated to push herself! We are grateful and look forward to a long relationship with the Dolphin Swim Club!” 

- Tess T

We are grateful that The Dolphins has taught Rowan to swim so well because he can easily and safely be included in water activities with his family and friends. In addition, this year will be his second year on his High School swim team, allowing him an opportunity for meaningful inclusion with his peers. Last year at the High School Awards Assembly, he received the ‘The Swimming Coach’s Award’ for excellence in athletics. He could not have been prouder (me too!). 

Thanks to the Dolphins for getting him to this point!

Our daughter, Jessica really looks forward to swimming and seeing the coaches and other participants, there is great motivation in numbers. The Dolphins Swim Club is a great way for the swimmers to stay physically fit throughout the year and have a lot of fun doing so. Thank you so much for sponsoring the Dolphins Swim Club this will be the second year my daughter is in the program and she is so pleased with the swim club.

 - Thanks,  Maureen L

Our Words

“I can't thank you enough! The coaches and volunteers spent so much one on one time with my daughter Sofia. Sofia came to the program almost three years ago, she couldn't swim, she was not even able to put her face in water.  Today she is doing amazing, swimming with her friends, jumping and learning the strokes, and getting more confident in water. This is a great benefit for Sofia's health as well. She has scoliosis and swimming is the best exercise for her. Where else would she swim three times a week and get this great opportunity.”

“Hello my name is Jacob and I am 15 years old. I am a swimmer from the dolphins swim club. I enjoy swimming with the dolphins. The coaches are really nice to work with. I took lots of other lessons but I was not able to swim so I said I want to join the dolphins swim club to learn how to swim really well. Darryl is one of my best coaches ever. He knows how to teach me everything at the dolphins. I just think he is the best coach ever. Ross is also a great coach and Leon too.  I know lots of my school friends are in the dolphins. I have lots of friends in the dolphins Thank you for letting me be in the dolphins.”